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Founded in 2012, Greenwave Promotions Ltd is a boutique literary agency. We support the careers of a growing selection of writers and screenwriters. The agency is carving out a distinctive niche in a fast-evolving literary world, and is earning a reputation for putting writers’ interests above all else. As Literary Agents we are sensitive to the challenges writers face in the new environment dominated by social media and tribe-building. We offer expertise derived from many years’ work in international marketing.

The service we provide for our writers can include critique, translation, proofreading, copy editing, cover design, publishing, negotiating contracts, promotion, marketing, website setup and maintenance, social media tribe-building, press releases and lecture bookings. Above all, we aim to be a supportive presence for our writers, releasing them to do what they do best.

Greenwave Promotions are currently Literary Agents for:

literary agentsRobin Squire

Author and Screenwriter

Robin’s works include Lavender Days (Greenwave Editions, 2013) and The Mystery of the Stolen Brides – An Inspector Dearborn Case (Little, Brown; published in 2014)

Robin is also the author of several other books, as well as numerous screenplays for film and television.

Benyamim Tsedaka
Author, Lecturer, Choir Leader, Co-founder and Editor of AB Samaritan News, Co-founder AB Institute of Samaritan Studies

Co-author with Sharon J. Sullivan of The Israelite Samaritan Version of the Torah, (Eerdmans, 2013), the first translation to show the Israelite Samaritan Torah alongside the Masoretic version, in English, with 3000 significant differences noted and explained.

Benny is also the author of hundreds of books and articles concerning Israelite Samaritan culture and heritage. He is also the leader of the Israelite Samaritan Choir, which performs at festivals worldwide.




Irene Mackay 

Author and Presenter, Explaining Dementia to Young Children

Irene is author of The Forgetful Elephant, a beautifully-written and illustrated story about how Ellie the Elephant copes when Grandpa Elephant forgets her name. Irene’s interactive storytelling sessions raise children’s awareness of Dementia. Visit her website for advice, articles, events and resources to help those living with dementia, with particular focus on explaining memory loss to young children, to improve quality of life.



Eliana Gilad

Author, Musician

Eliana is the author of Quiet in the Eye of the Storm (2006), and the forthcoming Miriam’s Secret

Eliana is also the author of Rhythms of the Natural Voice (CD and MP3), Noam- Healing Lullaby Music (CD, MP3), How to Sing Better – Voice Exercises That Work (Kindle), Bible, Beatles and Beyond (CD and MP3) and Sepphoris, Music for Meditation from Ancient Israel. 


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