The Forgetful Elephant

Author: Irene Mackay

Paperback and eBook

26 pages, A5

Colour illustrations by Barbara Dessi throughout

Publisher: Irene Mackay

ISBN 978-0-9575848-2-2

forgetful elephant

Explaining Memory Loss

Irene’s charming story explains memory loss in a way that small children can understand. It was published in print in 2012. Dedicated to her mother, an eBook came out on Amazon Kindle on Mother’s Day 2014. Barbara Dessi’s delightful illustrations complement both editions. A 3rd edition in Kindle format, with more of Barbara’s illustrations, came out in September 2015

Irene describes the inspiration for the story:

It saddens me to see so many books for children directly or indirectly making fun of people with dementia, in an attempt to make children laugh, or giving explanations which could be frightening. Questions asked by a three-year old . . . led me to look for a suitable book to answer her, and to give a respectful, sensitive explanation for dementia. When I couldn’t find one I wrote The Forgetful Elephant


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