Jeanette Kishori McKenzie is an alchemist and luminary. For more than half a century she has explored the nature of consciousness, combining Eastern Wisdom with Western Communication Skills, Alchemy and Yoga to create a unique invitation to Self Inquiry.

Jeanette Kishori McKenzie’s Inquiry

jeanette kishori mckenzieJeanette Kishori McKenzie has studied and experimented with numerous modalities including polarity therapy, energy medicine, humanistic psychology, voice and sound therapy, regression therapy, EFT, nutrition and qi gong. She has taken part in many enlightenment intensives, eventually training to become an Enlightenment Master. Jeanette is also a certified AcquaViva Yoga Teacher, exploring Scaravelli-style yoga and embodiment, and has distilled her life-long experiences to create her unique Keyala Yoga and Heart Communication.

“Unseen, unused energy and talent distorts and disturbs. I enjoy facilitating the discovery and integration of these untapped resources, enabling a renewed energy flow and increased performance in individual leaders and their organisations.”


“I enjoy celebrating perception shifts – Magick Makeovers – with groups, individuals and couples. I facilitate and activate integration for enhancing relationships. I know that true relationship is simply with oneself. I see everything I facilitate as intrapersonal, supporting the unique perspective of the Self experienced as the integrating individual.

“Perception shifts naturally result as attention is given, and they can be enjoyed as psycho-physical events, an expansion of consciousness in the moment, like getting the punchline of a joke. The ensuing spontaneous energy release naturally continues to flow into form as further exploration and action. It grounds and stabilises the Inquirer’s increasingly congruent intention to embody the full spectrum consciousness of the Intelligent Creative Heart, harnessing the pristine energy of the HeartField.”

Inner Research and the Nature of Consciousness

“The material is drawn from my own life experience and observation of the world and the mechanics of creation, and the experience of those who have been willing to share their most intimate experiences and myths with me, clients, colleagues, friends and family. I am deeply grateful for their openness and trust. Everything I have explored has been simply this Living Intelligence of the Heart desiring to see and know itself in form.

“I am fascinated to observe the emerging new myths of humanity. The evolving story of humanity is the living myth of the HeartMind, integrating its projections, awakening to Itself, the one Owner, Creator and Enjoyer of this spontaneous display of rhythm and beauty in form. My research is documented in my Poetry and Writing and the games and maps of awakening I have created. I opened my eyes and it became obvious. Stress vanishes with dissolution of personal ownership. I am a player in and a storyteller of the freely awakening life of the Living Heart.”

Jeanette offers online and in-person courses, workshops and retreats. Her audiences experience her talks as activations, shifting their perception. She can be booked for life-changing Keynote Talks focusing on a wide range of subjects. In 2021 she is launching the McKenzie Boalch Foundation for Quantum Reality Training, and a special training for teenagers, continuing the work she did with for the Youth Opportunities Scheme with her late husband Royston Spencer Boalch.

She has three books scheduled for publication in 2021: The Song of Rahu, a book of the Shadow; Handbook for Magickal Living 1 featuring nine tips for magickal living, and the autobiographical Finding Treasure Eyeland.


The Song of Rahu
Handbook for Magickal Living
Finding Treasure Eyeland



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