Greenwave projects may include writers, poets, farmers, musicians, therapists, counsellors, playwrights, speakers, historians, Big Data conferences, business and educational consultants and Film Festivals.

Amir Navon is a dynamic young lecturer redefining “eye level” management culture in our ever-changing world. The goal in every one of his lectures is to significantly elevate organisational and individual motivation of every person present. Lecture topics include: The Changes and Transformations in the Global World of Employment; Present and Future Professions; Effective Decision Making and Management; Personal Branding and Career Building; Make It Happen – Entrepreneurship and Personal Innovation; Excellence as a Tool for Creating a Pro-Organisational Climate; Work-Life Balance



Big Data comprises the (often very large) sets of data that can be gathered from internet-connected devices and analysed by computer to reveal trends and patterns in human behaviour. Greenwave have been involved in the organisation of events showcasing Big Data in HealthCare in Brussels and Tel Aviv. Presentations at both events included the use of Big Data to predict the outbreak of disease epidemics.

Benny Tsedaka

Benyamim Tsedaka is a historian with many books on Israelite Samaritan culture and history to his name. His expertise with Samaritan manuscripts is in demand by universities and other institutions. Benny regularly undertakes international tours where he lectures on Samaritan topics. He also manages and conducts the internationally-acclaimed Israelite Samaritan Choir. Home for Benny is in Holon, Israel and Kiryat Luza on the Samaritans’ sacred Mount of Blessings near Nablus.

In a 2016 project Greenwave participated in managing a national pavilion at the international film showcase, the Cannes Film Festival

Elana Jeffery is a Feldenkrais and Family Constellation practitioner based on the Isle of Wight, England. Elana offers face-to-face, video and telephone consultations to enhance wellbeing.

Francesca Cassini is the author of Kahuna – The Cat Who Didn’t Die, where she explores the meaning of death, and Together We Rock! The latter recounts how she was inspired to found the online meeting place for women over 50, The Silver Tent, a fast-growing global community (see below). Francesca lives in wild Wales.

Greenwave projects include screenwriter, author and playwright Robin Squire. Based in Hertfordshire, England, Rob currently has a screenplay under development. As well as Lavender Days his published writing includes The Unmaking of a Britflick, The Life and Times of a Doctor Who Dummy and The Mystery of the Stolen Brides. He also compiled and edited the delightful Mabel At Hastings. At the time of writing he has a new novel nearing completion.

Based in Falkirk, Scotland, Irene Mackay talks to children and adults about dementia. Her passion is to enable young children to be understand and be supportive of older relatives with the condition. She uses her popular books The Forgetful Elephant and Getting To Know You to explain dementia to children and to show adults how they can explain the condition to young family members in a way that they can understand. Getting To Know You enables children to interact with relatives who may have the condition.

Jeanette Kishori McKenzie

Jeanette Kishori McKenzie is a seer, visionary, speaker, author and poet who inspires illumined leadership through her activities. She is a consultant of progressive education. Based in Devon, England, Jeanette leads groups and individuals through her synthesis of psychology and traditional wisdom.

Krishna McKenzie founded and runs a permaculture farm in Auroville, southern India, working to the principles of Masanobu Fukuoka. Farm projects include an organic café, seed bank, education around permaculture and Fukuoka’s system, as well as festivals promoting local food. Krishna lectures worldwide, and also writes, sings and plays with his band Emergence (YouTube).

Gill Hession trained in Person Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy, in addition to Gestalt Counselling. From her base on the island of Shetland off northern Britain Gill offers face-to-face and online counselling as Northern Light Counselling.

As well as numerous books on diet, dieting and our relationship to food, Patricia Cherry has written The Truth Has Set Me Free, an account of her entry into and escape from fundamentalist religion. Born in Cornwall, Trish now lives in Plymouth, England.

The Silver Tent was founded by Francesca Cassini to provide an online meeting place for women over 50 where they can share friendship, wisdom and, if they wish, make business links. It is a fast-growing global community challenging convention and rewriting the myth of the older woman. Online meetings lead to physical meetups and further projects.