With the development of new technologies, extensive data collected through various platforms has come to be known as Big Data. Israel is a world leader in innovation and start-ups, and is also leading the way in using Big Data most effectively for the benefit of the Health Sector. Significantly, the Israeli government has approved access to personal data stored by local health funds for the purpose of improving health services, research and development.

big data tlv conference

Big Data Conference and Exhibition

In 2019 Greenwave Promotions were pleased to be part of the team that created the first Big Data in HealthCare event. Big Data in HealthCare TLV International Conference and Exhibition was designed to explore this fast-developing field. This international event was a collaboration between Sheba Innovation Center in Tel Aviv and Mount Sinai Hospitals New York. Greenwave’s role included market research, content preparation, translation, editing, proofreading, website services, marketing, PR and social media promotion. We also attended the event, and assisted the team on-site in setting up, running, liaison, monitoring the schedule, dismantling and following up.

Target Audience

Healthcare organisations, clinicians, academia, research institutions, computational medicine professionals, ministries of health, innovators, data scientists, IT and BI personnel, pharmaceutical companies, venture capitalists and startups. Conference attendees included heads of private and public health systems, doctors and high-tech professionals, as well as heads of health-related institutions and organisations. The Event created meetings and promoted dialogue between these groups. Media interviews were held and broadcast from the Event.

The conference (in English) focussed on the use of Big Data in HealthCare, particularly on technologies for the prediction of disease outbreaks and epidemics at individual, national and international levels. Around the world, the algorithms have proved their epidemiological value many times. In some cases it has been possible to use the information gathered to prevent the outbreak of disease.

Israeli companies are at the forefront, several hundred of them developing algorithms and applications in this field. We believe that the meeting and cross-fertilisation of minds, ideas and technologies can be of immense benefit for health worldwide.

Technical Exhibition

The Wohl Center

Alongside the Conference programme in the Wohl Center auditorium, a Technical Exhibition at the Wohl Convention Center offered companies and organisations a unique opportunity to present and promote related products, systems, research and services.

These highly successful events took place in April 2019, and included delegates from around the world. A similar event featuring Big Date in HealthCare is under discussion for 2020.

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