Robin Squire, Beatlemania, BBC and Doctor Who Dummy

robin squireWhen Robin Squire saw a Beatles concert in Nice he didn’t realise it would lead to a writing career. The experience led to his first novel, Square One, a gritty depiction of the unglamorous side of the pop scene. Square One was well-received, and an invitation to work in the BBC’s London script unit followed.

In The Life and Times of a Doctor Who Dummy Rob recounts how circumstances led to him playing chief Auton in the classic Doctor Who story Spearhead From Space. Stints at the BBC also found Rob working with many Doctor Who greats, including Jon Pertwee, Caroline John, Peter Grimwade, Nicholas Courtney and Tom Baker.

The Unmaking of a Britflick

Robin’s reality-novel-in-diary-form recounts the chaotic progress of a film he worked on as writer. During the film’s difficult birthing he met a professional singer and began to sing with her at gigs. He says the experience helped to cure him of inhibiting shyness, as he learnt to perform in front of audiences.

Little, Brown Book Group published Robin’s Victorian detective novel The Mystery of the Stolen Brides as an eBook. It is also available in paperback from this website. (Click on the image of Britflick below.) This atmospheric Victorian story has shocks, fascinating diversions into the social history of the period, and in Solomon Dearborn, a believable, plodding, astute detective.

Affaire in Provence

Rob’s adult contemporary romantic novella Lavender Days is available in paperback and eBook formats. The story is based on some real diary pages which Rob found in an attic. Rob has turned them into the life-affirming story of an Anglo-American affaire in Provence.

Click on a book’s image to find out more and to order on this website.



Hot Property

Hot Property tells the tale of carpet-chewing cottage renovator Tony Proudfoot. Tony has lost his business, spouse and self-respect (not necessarily in that order) and hopes with ever-escalating desperation to find a way of restoring his fortunes. He needs a plan of action to survive, and things don’t go entirely to plan.

A surveyor intends to run up a massive repair bill on an upmarket London property. Meanwhile Tony, its increasingly anguished occupant, schemes and screams while his world falls apart around him. Add to the mix a brash bingo millionaire, an interfering mother who can only make things worse, a marriage guidance counsellor who might not be quite what he seems, the dottily-romantic owner of a crumbling cottage going for a song – but only if the buyer is right, a ponderous policeman in search of an opportunistic flasher, and the way is open for a feast of confusion, misdirection, deceit and manically frolicsome fun.

The splendid Roadwater Players premiered Hot Property at Roadwater Village Hall in 2017. The photo shows surveyor Dalrymple (Chris Marshall) briefly finding himself bosom pals with a lively lass with a cunning scheme (Jackie Heard), and a weary wife with an adulterous agenda (Phaedra Rush).


Robin Squire has written many scripts for TV and the big screen. His website shows details of screenplays written and ready to be optioned, as well as a TV sitcom. He is happiest when developing new ideas and characters for books and films.

Rob believes that love really is all, however trite that might sound. The qualities that impress him are gentleness and consideration.
His website is a treasure trove of career details, experiences in film, working as a television extra, excerpts from his books and much more. (His grandfather and great-grandfather were genuine Metropolitan police officers, for example, inspirations for his fictional detective, Inspector Dearborn.)

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