Greenwave offers a publishing service for authors.
Our published or promoted authors include:

Robin Squire

Supported and published author

publishing doctor who dummy
The Life and Times of a Doctor Who Dummy (Greenwave Editions)
The Mystery of the Stolen Brides (Little, Brown)
Lavender Days (Greenwave Editions)


The Unmaking of a Britflick (Greenwave Editions)
Mabel At Hastings (Robin Squire)
Robin Squire

Irene Mackay

Supported and published author

The Forgetful Elephant (Greenwave Editions)
Getting To Know You (Greenwave Editions)
Irene Mackay


Benyamim Tsedaka

Supported author

Understanding The Israelite Samaritans (Carta)
The Israelite Samaritan Version of the Torah (Eerdmans)
Benyamim Tsedaka


Francesca Cassini

Support, Promotion and Assisted bookbirthing by Greenwave

Kahuna (Silver Tent)
Together We Rock! (Silver Tent)
Together We Rock! (Silver Tent)


Patricia Cherry

Support, Promotion and Assisted bookbirthing by Greenwave


The Truth Has Set Me Free
Patricia Cherry


Jeanette Kishori McKenzie

Support, promotion and collaboration with Greenwave


The Song of Rahu (coming soon)
Jeanette Kishori McKenzie


Publishing Simplified

The sands are shifting in the world of publishing.

Greenwave Editions aims to smooth and simplify the enjoyable process.

We focus on the writer benefitting more quickly from the fruit of their creativity.

In some cases we publish under the name of Greenwave Editions with our ISBN number, or we can support the author to publish under their own name. We can arrange for books to be printed, and we also publish on Amazon KDP in ebook and paperback (print on demand) formats, and also on other platforms in different formats.

Greenwave also supports authors in liaising with traditional publishing houses, including assistance in negotiating contracts.

We have published several genre, including novels, personal development, young adult, children’s books and memoirs.

Support from Greenwave Editions includes

  • manuscript review
  • encouragement and mentoring throughout the project
  • dancing with your muse
  • guidelines for completing a successful book
  • content editing
  • copy editing
  • proofreading
  • formatting for publication in ebook and / or print format
  • cover design
  • copywriting author pages
  • help with synopsis
  • help with cover copy
  • great celebrations on the happy day when the book is published!

The full package continues with promotion by Greenwave Promotions, including

  • creating and maintaining a website
  • support on social media
  • help planning book signings
  • PR
  • launch tour

For enquiries please email Joanna using the Contact Page

Greenwave Promotions warmly recommends membership of the Society of Authors 


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