Getting To Know You Activity Booklet

Irene wrote the Getting To Know You activity booklet to help children communicate with their elders. In the booklet children can record their elder’s memories. Children achieve this by answering the thoughtful selection of key questions in the booklet. Later, a child may like to go on to read The Forgetful Elephant together with an older loved one. The story contains suggestions for further activities.


Irene Describes Getting To Know You

The booklet is a simple, fun activity to encourage children of all ages to interact with their elders, including those who do not have dementia.
The activity itself can become a fond memory for a child, as they complete the booklet together with an older loved one. Elders’ life stories fascinate children, and the person sharing them will enjoy thinking back to those days. It can also be a useful resource for Carers to get to know more about a person in their care.

Getting To Know You is available, along with The Forgetful Elephant from Irene’s Website, which has details of Ellie Sessions, support, tips, links, practical advice, a Newsletter and other  resources for those coping with dementia in a family.

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