Amir Navon – The young Israeli driving a management shift for organisations in StartUp Nation Israel, and around the world

Amir Navon

Amir Navon says “Last July I was opening Keynote Speaker in Bulgaria at one of the most fascinating conferences in the world of Management. It was one of the most exciting moments I have experienced. I felt that I know that I am capable of overcoming any difficulty which comes my way, and love to share my experiences so others feel the same”

Leading an organisation is not easy today. Human resources have changed, and furthermore there have been many changes on a global scale in recent months and years, which require organisations to adopt new management approaches. Shosh Rotenberg interviews Amir Navon, a senior lecturer in StartUp Nation Israel and around the world on the subject of Decision Making in Career and Management. He also serves as Human Resources manager at Kinneret Academic College on the shores of the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel.

How does a 37-year-old guy from the shores of the Sea of Galilee reach the world’s most respected platforms and academic institutions, so that, even outside Israel, they are teaching your research?
A moving question. I try very hard to be true to my way, and to believe that consistent hard work every day eventually yields results. Last July I was the opening Keynote Speaker at one of the most fascinating conferences in the management world. It was one of the most exciting moments I have experienced, where I profoundly felt that my consistent faith in my capabilities has enabled me to overcome every difficulty that has come my way, so I can now effectively share my experiences.

What is your worldview in the field of Progressive Management?
My managerial worldview is based on “eye-level management” which combines highly developed emotional intelligence on one hand, and the ability to analyse and comprehend data on the other hand, which enables decision-making which is appropriate both for the human resources and also complies with the overall objectives of the organisation.

What have you been researching in recent years?
Over the last few years most of my studies have been published in significant journals focusing on my fields of Management, Policy and Decision Making. I sincerely hope that this collection of articles will be translated from Hebrew in the near future for a doctoral dissertation, a compilation of the articles I have published and will publish in leading journals.

Who are the target audiences for your lectures?
The target audiences are different and diverse, from small StartUp organisations, to the largest organisations in the economy who are interested in another angle in the areas of Management and Decision Making.

How are your lectures different from others, and does your professional background contribute to this?
Unlike lecturers who come from the world of personal training, I come from the classic combination of advanced academic studies, and hands-on experience over the past 15 years in the fields of Management and Personal Empowerment, which results in a powerful offering, integrating conceptual theory with applied practice. I believe that my background, combining extensive experience in both the academic and corporate worlds, greatly enhances my understanding, connecting theoretical and practical applications in the management of human resources and organisations.

On a practical level, what tools do people take away from your lectures?
Belief and the ability to analyse personal and organisational processes. One of the most frequent feedback I hear comes from the world of positive psychology, combining the two terms – “Believability”.

How do your lectures promote progress in the organisations and audiences you reach?
The goal in every one of my lectures is to significantly elevate organisational and individual motivation of every person present at my lecture. Motivation and good decision-making are made up of many complex managerial and emotional elements, but my approach is that it is most important to inspire belief in the person to take action, learn and aspire to improvement, on the path to personal and organisational excellence. I support this with the help of my various media channels.

What topics do you lecture on?
There are various lectures: The Changes and Transformations in the Global World of Employment; Present and Future Professions; Effective Decision Making and Management; Personal Branding and Career Building; Make It Happen – Entrepreneurship and Personal Innovation; Excellence as a Tool for Creating a Pro-Organisational Climate; Work-Life Balance.

Is there a dream you have not yet fulfilled?
Many! My main dream is to continue on the path I walk every day, hour by hour, with the same motivation and passion.

About Amir:
Lives by the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel
Holds BA and MA with honours (University of Haifa), currently completing PhD with compilation of articles published over last 3 years
Senior Board Member of Kinneret Academic College, Israel
HR Manager of Kinneret Academic College, Israel
For the past 3 years he has been lecturing in Israel and around the world to audiences of hundreds every week

Amir lectures in person around the world, and online

Photo credit: Matanel Edri

As a Business Consultant Amir offers a series of articles including his latest: “Organisational Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast”

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