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Patricia Cherry

Patricia Cherry is a Life Coach and Assertiveness Trainer, specialising in helping people to change their attitudes around Mind, Body and Spirit. Her books include the autobiographical The Truth Has Set Me Free, How to Find the Best Diet, which helps the reader find a sustainable diet,and Design Your Own Diet, a guide to finding a way of eating that suits the individual.

Patricia also coaches health and vitality in advancing years. Appropriately for a role model, she obtained her Life Coaching diploma at the age of 68.

Patricia has three children, two step-children and eight grandchildren. Her interests include quilting, knitting, hand-sewing, walking and Pilates.

Patricia’s books include: 

The Truth Has Set Me Free

How One Woman Freed Herself From The Bondage of Fundamental Christianity

(Paperback and Kindle editions)

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Finding the Truth over a lifetime freed Patricia Cherry from the narcissistic teachings of the Christian fundamentalist churches she belonged to as a child and young woman.  This is the moving story of love, compassion and forgiveness on her part for everyone concerned.  Painting a vivid picture of life as a child in the 1940s and 1950s and as a mother in the 1960s and 1970s, Patricia candidly shares her journey to freedom from indoctrinated beliefs.

Throughout these years Trisha experienced loneliness, motherhood, binge eating and the joys of friendship and writing and singing in amateur theatricals. She knew that something had been missing in her childhood – though she still hadn’t worked out what it was. She knew she didn’t feel ‘good enough’, and realised that a rogue part of her personality sought to sabotage any success she might have.



Sod Dieting, Just Eat: The Politics of Dieting, by Patricia Cherry. Kindle Edition

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This book is for those wanting to lose weight because they think that being a few pounds lighter would make a big difference to their lives. People who are obese or grossly overweight may find it useful too, but the author’s main purpose is to help those who go on diet after diet, and live their lives under the tyranny of the scales.

Many fall into a pattern of bingeing and starving, due to malnourishment, a consequence of a very low calorie intake. Many fail to recognise emotional needs and use food as a substitute.

It is not a diet book, it is an informative and insightful guide to eating healthily and staying away from restrictive calorie-counting and permanent hunger for the rest of your life. It is a how-to book on avoiding the pitfalls that weight-watchers can fall into.

Patricia is an expert in dieting. After being a chronic dieter for over forty years, she has now found a way to be free from the oppression of the scales. The secret is to find a  way of eating that suits you, the individual, and not to follow someone else’s idea of what you should or should not eat. There are no rules, just a suggestion to make up your own. Keep portions low, without allowing yourself to get hungry, and eat only nourishing foods.

From Hunter Gatherer to Baby Boomer: How Food Evolved, by Patricia Cherry. Kindle Edition

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Have you ever considered how the food we eat has evolved?
Have you ever wondered why our food today is laden with sugar, salt and other preservatives?
In this book, you will discover how our hunter-gatherer ancestors existed and what they ate, before the advent of farming, domesticated animals and the mass production of food.
You will also learn about the obesity epidemic which has gripped the western world, where it has its roots, and how food rapidly developed and changed as the 20th century progressed and our eating habits changed.

There can be little doubt that in some ways we are less healthy than ever, and in large part this is due to the food we consume. With ever-increasing amounts of sugar, salt and preservatives in our daily intake, it’s no wonder our bodies are ballooning. Now you can see why this has happened and make informed choices about the sort of food you consume.
See how the food we eat today has changed beyond all recognition.

How To Design Your Own Diet: Find Out How To Manage Your Own Weight Your Way, by Patricia Cherry. Kindle Edition

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Research is finding that people lose weight and stay lighter more effectively if they can find a diet that fits their own lifestyle. This book gives people a chance to find out how to fit their favourite foods into a plan that they can follow, because they are making their own rules, rather than following someone else’s. The first chapter in Sod Dieting is repeated in How To Design Your Own Diet, which is also on Amazon Kindle.

How To Design Your Own Diet helps the reader to examine what food means to them, and to identify foods that may give them problems for any reason. And of course, what foods they can use in designing their own diet.

There are chapters on self-image; why you feel you need to diet; the food industry, a brief look at how your beliefs could be limiting you, and a short summary on food intolerances and what further reading is available to help deal with them.

A chapter on what we need for nutrition and nourishment explains the importance of macro- and micro-nutrients. It also looks at the confusion around fats and carbohydrates and helps the reader to decide for themselves what is best for them. The only rule Patricia advises you to follow is to avoid processed, sugary, refined foods.

When you have read this book, you will understand more fully why you have found it so difficult to keep to a diet in the past. When you design your own diet, and make your own rules, you will feel more like honouring what you have set out to do. And you will be committed to a goal that you know you have set for yourself.

How to Spot the BEST DIET: 25 Diets Reviewed by an Expert Dieter! by Patricia Cherry. Kindle Edition

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Do you sometimes wish that you had a book that was honest about which diets work? Well here it is!

This book has been compiled from 25 well-known diets, most of them tried by the author or someone she knows.

It is good to know which diets are the most nutritious and long-lasting, with the odd tweak to allow for special occasions and treats. We cannot be expected to go through life, never allowing ourselves to join in these celebrations and special occasions!

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