Greenwave Promotions Limited is a UK-registered Company and Literary Agency, established with the aim of promoting authors, artists, events and cultural projects, simply and effectively, for the benefit of all. We support creativity in every field, including commercial links.

Greenwave promote in the UK, and internationally. We are a friendly company working at fair rates, with the aim of spreading the cultural fruits we enjoy ourselves.

Current Projects

Robin Squire
Irene Mackay
Jeanette Kishori McKenzie
Elana Jeffery
Benny Tsedaka
Samaritan Choir
Patricia Cherry
Cannes Film Festival


Big Data
The Silver Tent
Northern Light Counselling
Krishna McKenzie


Francesca Cassini


Amir Navon



Current projects include the publishing and promotion of an author who renders dementia understandable for children, a prolific screenwriter, playwright and novelist, a Feldenkrais healer, keynote speakers, a permaculture farmer/speaker/musician/songwriter based in India, the use of Big Data for HealthCare, a Shetland-based counsellor, commercial international marketing projects, an alchemist and luminary who combines Eastern Wisdom with Western Communication Skills, an author who has written about her escape from fundamentalist religion, an author who founded a thriving social and cultural organisation for women over 50, and a unique world cultural leader.

Greenwave Promotions Publishing

Greenwave Promotions also has a Publishing Division, Greenwave Editions.

We believe that respect for the best of the past can help progress in today’s fast-changing world. We have our eyes firmly fixed on the horizon.


If you would like to explore the possibility of us promoting your enterprise, or if you would like more information about our current projects, please Contact Greenwave.


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